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Important Decisions require precise research. Rigorous research is time intensive.

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Whether you are considering a candidate, researching a potential business partnership, or need a Third Party to Audit and verify your processes; MSPRIS LLC can face the arduous task of interfacing with county and state courthouses and archives to find the information that you need to make an informed choice.

Accurate Auditing is Crucial.

When you need a Third Party to Audit and verify your processes; MSPRIS LLC can face the exhausting task of analyzing your processes and findings to ensure that you are cultivating a system that will protect your clients and those that are researched.

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A good decision is based on knowledge, not numbers.

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Your time is valuable, but your focus is critical.  MSPRIS is dedicated to swift, accurate record collections for your needs.  We seek not to provide a service, but to become a partner in your preparation for operational, implementative, or administrative decisions.

Trust is the byproduct of integrity.

Offering a suite of Research and Auditing Services

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We have staff located in the local markets that concern you, and we are ready to fulfill your needs; whether in Research or Auditing our reports will give you the clear, concise data that matters to you.

At Mississippi Professional Research & Investigative Services (MSPRIS), we delve into the mountains of documents housed within county and state repositories to retrieve the records and judgements that will empower your ability to make informed decisions.  Whether hiring, promoting, or just entrusting another with critical access to your data and operations; you need all available information to enable your capability to predict the potential outcomes and risks to your decision.

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