Making informed decisions is critical to success in today's environment.

When forced into a position of trusting another individual with critical positioning within or access to your company's data and finances;  it is necessary to gather all the available records to inform your decision.  At MSPRIS LLC, we will go out and locate the records associated with your request and save you the dozens of hours of sleuthing per individual query.

Our searches include civil findings regarding contracts, evictions, divorces, collections, foreclosures, complaints, and similar judgements.  This search is performed at the county level and include a 10 year review of the upper and lower courts.

We offer Criminal searches on a statewide level by utilizing the Administrative Office of the Courts and a State's repositories.  This data set consolidates arrest records and may also include the court's findings in a specific case; depending on the colloboration of the county with the AOC and it's state repository.

Our Background checks will review the courts' index at each jurisdiction requested at each county level court.  Standard searches review the prior 10 years.  The dates searched can be expanded upon request.

MSPRIS LLC is the responsible third party who is registered in the same state in which a business entity was established and is designated to receive service of process notices and other official government notifications on behalf of the corporation or LLC.

As a contracted, responsible third party, MSPRIS LLC, who is registered in the same state where a business entity was established; is designated to receive service of process notices and other official government notifications on behalf of the corporation or LLC.

Professional female search documents in the filing cabinet at the office.

Tax Liens, whether applied by Federal or State judges are recorded by the county where the property is located.  These lien reports may include liens for income tax, property, divorce, child support, alimony, or judgement liens.

Document Retrieval may be a necessary step in your process.  MSPRIS can provide the entire file or simply the complaint, disposition, and sentencing.  For any needs you may face; we are here to serve.


Our expert researchers and auditors conduct rigorous audit searches to review for errors and/or missed records in order to maintain auditing requirements for Credit Reporting Agencies (CRA).  We can provide our non-automated services including full analysis, or we can provide the results of conventional searches and allow you to compare the results against your current vendors.

We are ready to assist you!

Whether Research, Screening, or Auditing we can reduce your load and quicken your time to decisive action.